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Paper ID: 192


WCCE 2005 - Cape Town - South Africa

Thank you for your proposed paper for WCCE 2005.

This has been formally reviewed by the international programme committee and has been accepted as a full paper.

As a full paper you will have a 30 minute slot of which at least 10 minutes should be allowed for introduction and questions.

Please confirm your participation no later than the 7th March 2005 by logging onto the Paper Management System http//confgirl.schule.at <http://www.confgirl.schule.at> and ticking the “confirmed” box and also noting any comments made by the reviewers of your paper.

If you choose to make any modifications to your paper please ensure these are up-loaded on the system to replace your previously submitted version no later than 30 March 2005. Note the conference editorial team reserves the right to make any minor editorial changes. Anything of significance will be referred back to the author.

All accepted participants must register for the conference and pay their fees by the 30 March 2005. Failure to do so will lead to your paper being withdrawn from the programme. Please register for the conference on-line at:

Note that the version of your paper on the system at the 30 March 2005 will be the one published. Please ensure therefore that any changes you choose to make are uploaded before this date.

Please ensure you have a valid passport and visa where necessary. You can check the following web site for South Africa’s visa requirements;

We thank you for your support and look forward to welcoming you in Cape Town.